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Power up your brand & marketing strategy

Engage like never before
Engage like never before

Build deep, interactive relationships beyond traditional media - with 60+ minutes playtime per game.

Stand out from the crowd
Stand out from the crowd

Be the king in your customer's world of mobile games. With branded characters and stories they’ll remember throughout their day – in a space free of competing ads.

Tap into all audiences

60% of all smartphone users play, from Gen Z to Best Agers - including 52% women. Connect with new and familiar audiences, globally. This means your target group already plays mobile games.

Drive real results

Games are not just fun, they also drive real business outcomes as 16% of players seek additional information about a brand after seeing it in a game – 7% recommend the brand to friends & family.

Tabbler: Who we are

Step into the game with us and transform your brand's message into an adventure that gets customers hooked! We offer an all-in-one service – ideation, development & engagement. As part of the Applike Group, we leverage our wealth of experience from over 8 hit games with over 500m+ downloads and access to millions of proprietary player datapoints

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Embark on a data-driven quest to game success


You pitch your brand, and we brainstorm the game magic with you.


We turn concepts into fun, interactive worlds - with proven stickiness through our rapid "test & iterate" approach.


Ready, set, go! 
We launch your branded mobile game to millions of players in your desired geography.

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Our experts work with you to select the best Brand Game category and in-game experiences for your marketing objectives
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We build and test small game prototypes (unbranded, few levels) to identify the most successful type, using our in-house benchmarks
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We create the full Brand Game, following your brand guidelines and adding more levels with our rapid development process
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We rapidly scale download numbers from your exact target group, combining our in-house and external marketing channels
You continuously receive data from in-game tracking to assess your metrics and evaluate campaign success

Don't just take our word for it:
Industry leaders trust in marketing with games

Gaming is bigger than Hollywood and the music industry combined [...] We’ve seen the number of Lion winners that feature gaming rise by 74% in the last five years.

Simon Cook, CEO, Cannes Lions
Simon Cook
CEO, Cannes Lions

Media planning has been based on reach and frequency, which makes the assumption that every opportunity to see is the same [...] You really should buy media based on who has seen it, not who could see it.

Jon Evans, Podcast Host, Uncensored CMO
Jon Evans
Podcast Host, Uncensored CMO

I believe that gaming is the future of entertainment, bringing together passionate global communities in shared immersive and interactive experiences.

Francine Li, Jury President of Entertainment Lions for Gaming
Francine Li
Jury President of Entertainment Lions for Gaming

Let's build a game-changing brand adventure for your customers, together!

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