Brand Marketing Redefined: Harnessing Your Own Mobile Game

January 19, 2024

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Felix Harms

Brand Marketing Redefined: Harnessing Your Own Mobile Game

The current digital landscape is seeing two pivotal shifts that will define the next years for marketing and branding teams of leading consumer brands.

As the first shift, mobile is becoming the dominant form of media consumption: nearly half (49%) the time, people use their mobiles to consume digital content online. Savvy marketers are adopting mobile as a key communication channel, moving beyond the traditional small display ads to more innovative and effective approaches.

An article by Harvard Business Review highlights the implication on marketing strategies: “The best way for marketers to communicate through mobile will be with apps. Apps will trump traditional ads in part because consumers don’t perceive them as advertising—they value them for their functionality and thus don’t find them intrusive.” This shift is a response to the dwindling impact of conventional ads, which are often seen as intrusive or ignored by the modern consumer.

As the second shift, mobile gaming is gaining immense traction: Within a week of acquiring their phones, 62% of smartphone users download a game, and over 43% of the total time spent on smartphones is now dedicated to mobile gaming.

Mobile Game Marketing is the Next Era for Consumer Brands

As brands seek more interactive and engaging ways to connect with their audience, mobile game marketing emerges not just as an alternative, but as a frontrunner. The approach taps into the daily habits of consumers, offering immersive experiences that transcend the limitations of traditional advertising, making it an essential consideration for any forward-thinking marketing strategy.

It is no surprise that industry giants like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are already turning to casual mobile games to connect with their audience - over other gaming channels such as eSports. Mobile games offer a unique environment for immersive brand experiences, leading to real-world outcomes for marketing and branding objectives (read our previous blog posts for more insights on this). Case studies from leading brands demonstrate how integrating marketing strategies within mobile games can significantly boost brand visibility and consumer engagement. This approach effectively leverages the widespread popularity of mobile gaming, reaching a diverse and expansive audience, and underscores the necessity for brands to include mobile games in their comprehensive marketing plans.

Fully Branded Mobile Games Maximize Your Outcome

The strategic advantage of developing a fully branded mobile game is becoming increasingly clear in digital marketing. Traditional in-game advertising methods, such as banners or rewarded videos, often fall short, being perceived as intrusive and frequently leading to player disengagement. 

In stark contrast, a fully branded mobile game offers a suite of benefits: it ensures brand safety, aligns perfectly with brand equity, and operates free from competitor ads. Additionally, 

bespoke games provide access to valuable first-party data, enabling brands to gain deeper insights into consumer behavior and preferences. 

To illustrate the power and versatility of fully branded mobile games, let's explore some creative examples where game mechanics are cleverly tailored to specific consumer brands, enhancing marketing and branding objectives: 

  1. Build-a-Pizza: Players craft mouth-watering QSR menu items, combining various ingredients to create the perfect pizza. Each successful creation can unlock real-world offers like special meal deals or limited-time items at the restaurant chain. This interactive game not only heightens brand engagement by involving players in the menu creation process but also drives real-world sales through in-game achievements, cleverly linking virtual success with tangible rewards.
  2. Beverage Jumper: In this game, players complete short levels by jumping across hurdles in a Super Mario-style game. Achieving certain scores or completing challenges can unlock special content or exclusive offers, like limited-edition flavors or merchandise. This format is perfect for creating a fun association with the brand and encouraging product trial and loyalty.
  3. Retail Runner: In the Endless Runner game, players collect items from a retail brand while navigating through a virtual shopping mall. Special events can align with real-world sales or new product launches, encouraging players to visit the physical or online store. This game concept builds brand awareness and directly ties in with promotional activities, enhancing customer engagement.
  4. Fashion Frenzy: This game would have players managing a fashion store, helping customers find their perfect outfits within a time limit. Successful store management could lead to in-game rewards and real-world coupons or fashion advice. It's an engaging way to showcase new collections and enhance the shopping experience, both virtually and in reality.

This approach not only enhances the gaming experience but also fosters a more authentic and engaging connection between the brand and its audience, turning every interaction within the game into a potential touchpoint for building lasting brand loyalty.

Launch Your Mobile Game with an Unfair Advantage by Tabbler

At, we specialize in transforming your brand's vision into an engaging, fully branded mobile game, tailored to your marketing objectives in a cost-efficient manner. Our approach is holistic, encompassing everything from initial concept development to final game deployment. We understand the nuances of integrating a brand into a gaming environment in a way that resonates with your target audience, ensuring that the game not only entertains but also reinforces your brand's message and values. Our expertise in creating customized gaming experiences means that your brand can capitalize on the interactive and immersive nature of mobile games, engaging consumers in a dynamic and memorable way.

The shift towards mobile gaming in marketing is not just a trend but an evolution in how brands interact with their consumers. By opting for a fully branded mobile game, leading consumer brands open up a world of possibilities for deeper engagement and more meaningful connections with your audience.

Let’s create a game-changing brand adventure for your audience, together!

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