Your Target Group plays Mobile Games

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December 8, 2023

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Felix Harms

Your Target Group plays Mobile Games

Reaching and engaging your target audience has never been more challenging than today. Traditional advertising channels are saturated, attention spans are dwindling, and consumers are becoming increasingly discerning about their consumed content. This is where the world of mobile gaming steps in as a game-changer.

When thinking of gamers, many people picture young men playing on a console or computer at home. But this is no longer true: Mobile devices have become the most popular gaming platform, especially among younger generations. And statistics show that mobile games are popular among players of all genders, geographies, income groups, and age groups.

What does this mean for branding and marketing teams? The power of mobile gaming is not just in its entertainment value; it lies in its ability to provide a direct pathway to your audience and produce real-world outcomes for branding and marketing goals. Read on to discover facts and demographics surrounding mobile gamers, offering a compelling solution to the challenges that marketing and branding teams are grappling with today. If you are interested in a more detailed breakdown of player statistics: Let us know, we are happy to share in-depth data with you.

Mobile Gaming is a global reality

Mobile gaming has transcended borders and languages to become a global phenomenon. Whether you're targeting Berlin or Boston, chances are your potential customers are tapping away at their screens: There are billions of Mobile Game downloads in each region of the world, and experts forecast an even higher number in the next years.

Graph showing the number of mobile game downloads per region per year

For brands, this global reach of mobile gaming is an opportunity to reach and engage with their target audiences on a massive scale. Mobile games are a strategic channel to target audiences in existing geographies or expand the brand to new markets: By reaching customers where they are already spending their time.

Mobile Gamers are diverse

One of the most striking aspects of the mobile gaming world is its remarkable diversity. It's not confined to a single demographic; instead, it embraces a wide spectrum of players. An increasing number of both men and women passionately engage in mobile games. Moreover, mobile gaming doesn't discriminate based on age. From teenagers to seniors, there's a game for everyone.

Understanding this diversity is pivotal for marketers and branding teams as it allows them to craft strategies that resonate with their desired audience. Choosing the right mobile game type is crucial: Some genres have far-reaching appeal to all groups, transcending generational gaps and fostering inclusivity for a brand. Other mobile game types appeal to more niche groups of players, offering brands the chance to target their specific chosen segment.

Mobile Gamers have buying power

The diversity within the mobile gaming community extends to income groups as well: Mobile gamers come from various socio-economic backgrounds. This diversity translates into significant buying power.

Whether it's a mother shopping for the entire family, a high-income professional, or students who may have a limited budget today but high buying power tomorrow, they all participate in the mobile gaming ecosystem.

For marketers, this diversity offers a golden opportunity to tap into vast markets according to their targeting strategies. Crafting approaches that cater to the different economic brackets within the mobile gaming audience can unlock new avenues for revenue growth and brand expansion. It's a reminder that mobile gaming isn't just a pastime; it's a thriving marketplace with a customer base that reflects the full spectrum of economic diversity.

The wide reach of mobile gaming and its importance for marketing and branding teams has been widely acknowledged by respected outlets. If you want to learn more about this topic, we suggest the following resources:

Regardless of the audience a brand seeks to address, one thing remains certain: They are playing mobile games. However, introducing the gaming channel for marketing and branding can be intimidating, especially for those new to this dynamic space. That's where we come in with Tabbler’s fully branded mobile games: We understand that each brand and audience requires a tailored approach, and our expertise lies in simplifying the process for you.

Unlock the Power of Gaming with Tabbler

Partnering with Tabbler means tapping into the global gaming phenomenon with confidence, knowing that your brand will not only reach the right audience but also engage them in an exciting and meaningful way. Our All-in-One Service Solution unlocks for you:

  1. Detailed Data on Gamer Segments: We have detailed insights on all gamer segments, combining proprietary data and extensive external sources. This allows us to slice the data to match your target audience precisely and fill in any blank spots. You can be confident that your branded game will reach the right players.
  2. Game Concept Creation: Our service includes the creation of a game concept that aligns with the preferences of your audience. We ensure that your branded game is not just any game but the right type of game.
  3. End-to-End Service Package: From building the game to its successful launch and scaling with the right audience, we've got you covered. Even if you have no prior experience in the gaming world, you can trust us to make your gaming campaign effective and impactful.

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